Fakenham School Fence

Security Fencing

Reliable fences

Anyone with children attending school appreciates the need for strong and reliable fencing around the perimeter of the school grounds. Some children have a naturally explorative nature that needs to be contained for their own safety! Once you’ve dropped the kids off at school for the day, you want to be reassured that school is where they will stay. 

Well-maintained school fences

A strong and well-maintained school fence like the one we installed for this Fakenham school is an important part of that reassurance that often goes uncommented.

V-mesh palisade fencing

The school asked us to install 270m of V-mesh Palisade fencing. A big job that involved removing all previous barriers and preparing the full fenceline ready for the installation.

School gates

We were also asked to provide the gates to let the pupils in and out safely at the designated times.

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