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Posted 6 day(s) ago

Large Fencing Project at Brandon Playpark

Category: Fencing, Commercial Fencing at Brandon Playpark Suffolk

The charming town of Brandon on the edge of Thetford Forest has a popular children’s playpark that needed some repairs to improve its appearance and safety. Overlooking a busy housing estate, the park is on a fairly steep slope and has multiple fenced sections to keep it secure. We took down and removed the exis...

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Posted 2 week(s) ago

How to Look After Your Garden During a Heatwave

Category: Garden, Advice Looking after your garden during a heatwave

This week we’re seeing glorious sunshine and high temperatures, which while lovely for us to sunbathe in, doesn’t necessarily mean good news for your garden. Follow our top tips for looking after your garden during the hot weather to ensure your garden can be enjoyed for the rest of the Great British summer and you...

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Posted 3 week(s) ago

Keep Your Garden Looking Lovely with Wheelie Bin Storage

Category: Sheds, Domestic, Advice Wheelie Bin Storage Shed

These days each home can have as many as three wheelie bins, plus a food bin caddy. Different local councils have different colour schemes for their bins, but whether yours are green, blue and black or grey, green and brown – none are attractive and just clutter up your garden or driveway. You may choose to hide your...

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