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Posted 6 day(s) ago

Fences and Gates for Norfolk Schools

Category: Fencing, Gates, Commercial School Field Fencing

As one of the leading providers of fencing and gating in East Anglia, we frequently work with councils and authorities on contracts for large scale projects. We’ve earnt a reputation for delivering the same high standards of work to strict budgets and short deadlines for commercial clients as we provide for our domes...

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Posted 1 week(s) ago

Wind Proof Fencing - Protect Your Garden This Winter

Category: Fencing, Advice A Robin sat on a fence

The winter months can take their toll on your garden: with unpredictable storms, frosts and lots of wet weather. And whilst many dream of a white Christmas, those of us with beloved gardens aren’t quite so eager for a layer of snow to bury our roses. Preparing your fences and protecting your garden now will save you ...

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Posted 3 week(s) ago

How Sheds Got Cool Again

Category: Sheds, Domestic Pretty Pink Garden Shed

These days sheds aren’t just sheds. Gone are the days when it was just a cold and ugly hut to house your lawnmower, old tins of paint and the kids’ bikes. These days sheds are cosy, inviting extensions of the home, used as offices, studios, libraries and personal pubs. We’ve found our favourite sheds and summerho...

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