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Norfolk Prestige Fencing Ltd

Elegant Curves

The curvature of the brick wall that the black iron railings were being fixed to meant that the new panels had to be each be made to match the angle of the wall. The slight adjustments to each panel and the unique design make this installation a one of a kind, which matches the unique property which boasts an attractive mix of modern and traditional features.

Matching Gates

A single access gate was made to match the fencing. The gate was specially designed so that the height of the pattern would line up seamlessly once hung on its hinges. Great care and attention to detail was paid to ensure a stunning installation for this special home.

Working Together

Our teams collaborated with the companies responsible for the brickwork and the automatic gate to ensure a smooth operation with minimal disruption to the homeowners and as quick an installation as possible. We have vast experience of manufacturing and installing fencing and gates for driveways across Norfolk. To organise a free quote call or email our friendly team on 07947 366551 or