Golden Triangle

Timber Fences


A former care home in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich has been renovated to become student accommodation, providing residence for nearly 70 students. The conversion was carried out by a private contractor who hired us to remove and replace a rear boundary fence.

Busy Pathways

The site on Somerleyton Street backs onto a pathway between blocks of flats and garages where a low brick wall and timber fence had been left to buckle under weight of overgrowing ivy and hedging. We cleared the site of unruly plants and removed the rotten fencing and the damaged brick wall, levelling the site ready to begin work on the new boundary.

Height Differences

We installed new gravel boards and concrete posts, the height difference between the pathway and the gardens of the flats meant using taller gravel boards to achieve a level height of the fencing. A total of 38 metres of closeboard fencing was used, with a pedestrian access gate installed at the end of the boundary.

A Week on Site

We were on site for a week to clear the site and install the new fencing. The job was a vast improvement not only for the new residents of the flats, but for the neighbours overlooking the site too. We have vast experience of manufacturing and installing fencing and gates for driveways across Norfolk.

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