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Gardening Advice for Autumn

Autumn leaves raked into a heart shape

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, the changing colours of trees and hedgerows and the blooming of berries makes for a wonderful sight, but as the seasons change so do the needs of your garden. Follow our top tips for gardening tasks this autumn and reap the benefits into winter and spring. 


To keep your plants in tip-top condition, lay mulch over the soil around plants and trees to retain moisture and add nutrients into the earth. Biodegradable mulches such as wood chippings, compost, leafmould and seaweed help to improve soil texture, suppress weeds and protect your plants from extreme temperatures. It’s best to lay mulches in autumn while the soil is moist and warm, before the ground is too cold in winter. 

Fallen Leaves

Rake fallen leaves from lawns and borders – and make leafmould! Leafmould is easy to make and can be used as mulch, to improve soils and as a compost for seed-sowing and potting. Watch Monty Don show you how to make leafmould, no matter what size your garden, here!

Spring Flowering Bulbs

For bright bursts of colour next spring, plant bulbs up until mid-October. Plant tulip, daffodil, narcissus, allium, crocus and grape hyacinth bulbs in borders and pots – we recommend using a bulb planter if you’re planting more than a dozen or so! 

Check Your Deck

Keep your decking clear of fallen leaves which can be slippery, and can also aid rotting. A stiff brush broom is perfect for sweeping away debris. Check your decking for any signs of water damage or warping, as the wet winter ahead will accelerate any problems seen now. If you need repairs or a full new deck, get in touch with us for a free quote! 

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Looking ahead? Here are our top tips for getting ready for winter! 

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