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How High Is My Garden Fence Allowed to Be?

Posted on 08/02/2023

how tall is my fence allowed to be

In England and Wales, garden fences are typically restricted to two metres in height between properties and one metre when the fence borders a road. There are planning laws in place to prevent the English from turning their homes into literal castles by erecting enormous fences around their properties. These laws strike a balance between the desire for privacy and the need for safety and good neighbourly relations.

Extra privacy

If you require a bit of extra privacy, you can apply for specific permission from your local council for a fence higher than two metres. If the request is granted (and permission should not be unreasonably withheld) then you can construct a higher fence.

Trellis option

Another way to squeeze some extra height from your border is to include trellising along the top third of your fence and then train quick growing plants such as russian vine or ivy to grow along your trellising. The thick growth will soon cover your fence and provide some extra legal height.

Front gardens

For reasons of safety, front garden fences that border roads are further restricted in height to just one metre. This is to prevent tall fences being blown over and causing an obstruction during stormy weather.

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