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How to Look After Your Decking Throughout Winter

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A garden blanketed in snow is a beautiful sight, but it can be damaging for your decking if you don’t take proper care. Regular maintenance will keep your deck in tip top shape throughout the year, as well as stopping the surface from becoming slippery and unsafe. 

Easy Does It

A regular go-over with a stiff broom is all most decks need. Clearing away dead leaves and moss is an easy way to prevent the build up of algae and fungi which will stain a deck and make it slippery, or even cause rot if left for too long. Sweeping away debris and dirt for a few minutes a week is a far more cost-effective and simple task than the alternative of jet-washing or replacing timbers. 

Protect Your Deck

Painting, staining or oiling should be done in the spring or autumn on mild, dry days. The product won’t apply properly if it is too hot or too cold, so if your deck is more than six months old and untreated, we recommend covering it in a tarp over the winter. Whilst it won’t look great, it will protect the deck from the worst of the weather. Take the cover off on sunny days to remedy any condensation and let the wood breathe. 

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Snow and Ice

Don’t use salts to de-ice your deck. Rock salts are cheap and widely available but they are damaging to your deck and to the environment. Rock salts dry out the natural moisture of the wood, affecting the natural expansion and contraction, causing the wood to corrode quicker. Apply a mild de-icing salt such as potassium chloride before snowfall, but only if your deck has been water-sealed, and always check the label if you have pets or children. Shovel off snow with a plastic shovel (a metal one will scrape and chip the wood) and sweep away snow with brush strokes parallel to the decking. 

Anti-Slip Tips

A slippery deck can be dangerous, so always take caution in the winter. Sprinkling sand over the deck increases traction, and is a good measure to take after it has snowed. More permanent measures are deck grips and strips, which insert into the grooves of decking or fix on top, great for use on steps. 

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