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Improving Security with Fencing

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If you need to increase levels of security at your home or business premises, securing the perimeter should be one your first concerns. Quite often our customers needing a strong and secure fence for their home will ask for an option that doesn’t necessarily look like a security fence but is in keeping with their garden. Conversely, commercial customers will want an imposing, intimidating fence for their business or premises – we have options for all needs and situations. 

Residential Security

  • Trellis topped fences are a simple and effective deterrent to would be intruders. A trellis is hard to climb – quite simply, a trellis can’t hold a person’s weight and therefore it would collapse underneath them. Growing thorny or prickly plants along a trellis offer an additional deterrent to intruders. 
  • Iron railings are a popular choice for homeowners wanting to increase security without looking hostile. Smart and long lasting with a huge number of design options that can include more secure elements such as spiked tops or curved edges to deter climbing. 
  • Welded mesh fences are more typically used for commercial settings but may be suited to a garden neighbouring a public space such as a park or field. The narrow spacing between wires means that fingers can’t fit between the gaps, let alone potential climbers being able to gain a foot hold – and will also prevent animals such as cats, foxes or rabbits gaining entry. Welded mesh fences are available in a wide range of colours and designs. 

Commercial Security Fencing

  • Welded mesh and wire fencing is a popular choice for securing perimeters, its appearance often looking less intimidating than fences of a similar strength. Narrow, close together wires are difficult to get a grip on, making it very hard to climb and the strong construction is tough to cut through. Welded mesh fences are available in a huge range of designs and options, including v-shaped profiles and rolled-safety top. 
  • Steel palisade fencing offers a robust and intimidating deterrent against crime or vandalism, with a choice of profiles to suit your particular needs. 
  • Additionally, fences can be topped with anti-intruder spikes and toppings to further increase security. Security toppings such as spikes and barbed wire may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval. Spikes and security toppings are usually used on fences above a height of two metres and must be installed where general public cannot accidentally come into contact with the spikes. 

We’re accredited by CHAS, CSCS and SSIP, fully insured and have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Our team are all employed directly by us and work to the highest standards. 

Whatever level of security you need, we can help. All of our fencing is hand-built, bespoke for you so we can accommodate any requests. For a free, no obligation quote call 07947 366551 or email 

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