A customer in Beccles asked us to return to their garden to work on a unique decking project. Having previously built bespoke fencing and wood stores for the customer, they felt confident in our ability to provide custom curved decks to fit around an S shaped brick wall.

Grade Listed Curves

The unusual garden wall is Grade Listed, and so cannot be damaged or altered in any respect – this meant the decking couldn’t impact upon it, which for us meant that the decking could not be attached in any way. To build the decks around the curvature of the wall, we built a frame that perfectly fit the site – whilst still allowing the natural movement and expansion of brick and wood. Measuring and cutting each plank of the deck carefully to fit the shape of the wall produced a beautifully smooth continuous curve at the end of the project.

Two Decks

We built two decks for the customer, the first that their patio doors open out onto – the height flush with the door frame to provide step free access into the garden – with a step down to the side gate, and a second smaller deck at the rear of the garden that also follows the curve of the wall.

Wood Stores

The wood stores that are kept at the end of the garden were built by us on a previous project, and we were happy to see them still in perfect condition and well used. We carefully moved the stores out of the garden whilst building the decking and put them back in place ready for use when the project was complete.

Always Built to Order

We always work to the highest of standards and build all of our decks, fences and garden buildings to order – whether it’s for an unusually shaped garden like this one or for a perfectly square courtyard. 

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