Timber Fences

Home Farm in Bressingham

With many acres of land to secure and animals to contain, farms utilise a variety of gates and fences to ensure that their land and livestock are protected. We were approached by a farm in Bressingham to replace and install new borders to separate the working areas and gardens.

The lay of the land

For this project we were asked to install three types of fencing and three types of gates, all of different heights and widths to enclose paddocks and gardens. We removed and disposed of any existing fencing before installing the new fixtures, keeping the land clear and tidy throughout the process to minimise disruption.

A Range of Gates

The gates we installed were a mixture of field gates, access picket gates and pedestrian picket gates, allowing safe passage of animals and humans. We designed and manufactured all of the gates for this project inhouse, producing widths of 2.4m, 1.8m, 1.3m and 0.9m.

Post and Rail Fencing

When it comes to farmland, post and rail fencing is the perfect choice because its sturdy construction can withstand horses leaning on it and using as a scratching post! It is typically used to pen horses, sheep and other roaming animals. On this occasion, we fitted 1.2m high posts with dog proof mesh to ensure that the owners dogs couldn’t get into the paddocks. All of our fences are produced using pressure-treated timber as standard, ensuring protection from pests, termites and water damage.

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