Timber Fences

Flint Cottage

This beautiful flint cottage in Fakenham has large gardens with multiple access and entry points that needed securing to the front of the property whilst staying in keeping with the established gardens. In the rear garden, hedging along the border with a neighbouring house was becoming burdensome so we were asked to replace it with fencing.

All Part of the Service

We cut down and removed the existing hedging in the back garden, using a small digger to remove the roots to prevent regrowth and provide an even ground. To the front of the property we removed old fencing and gates to make way for the new, taking away and disposing of all waste as part of our complete service.

Border Patrol

To replace the hedge, we installed a 1.8 metre timber close board timber fence with concrete posts to protect it from strong winds. This fence continued through into another area of the garden, with the height gradually reducing to 1.35 metres. All our fences are made from pressure-treated timber, which needs minimal maintenance to stay strong and good looking for years to come.

New Routes

A pedestrian access gate was installed along the side of the property allowing access from the driveway, making it easier for the customers to access. From the driveway we also installed a double access gate with two bolt locks, with the panelling matching that of the adjacent fencing to give a smart and seamless appearance.

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