Constitution Hill

Timber Fences

Constitution Hill

These neighbours’ driveways were previously separated by an old brick wall that had been overtaken by ivy. The wall was in disrepair – with the ivy and hedging growing either side of it causing it to bow and become unstable.

Digger Happy

We organised the dismantling of the wall and excavation of the foundations and roots, using a small digger to remove the rubble and debris. Disposal of all the waste was covered by our complete service, keeping both gardens tidy at all times to minimise disruption.

Good Fences, Good Neighbours

With the ground even, we installed a pressure-treated timber close board fence at a height of one metre along the length of the driveway, rising to 1.8 metres at the rear of the property to provide privacy.

Gate Restoration

The customer’s existing double metal gate was in poor condition, rusted and damaged. We brought it back to our site and our metal fabricators sleeved the existing metal post, welded and rehung the gate – bringing it back into full working order and prolonging its life.

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