Bespoke Decking in Heartsease

Who would we be to remove a stunning rose bush? Our customers in Heartsease wanted decking that wouldn’t damage the established shrubbery in their garden. We designed a shape that wouldn’t disturb a single petal or thorn.

Access All Areas

The large decking area was fitted to revamp and cover an existing patio area, increasing the space for barbecues and entertaining. The decking was taken right up to the back door with a small step added to ease accessibility.

Breathable Membrane

The pressure-treated standard decking was built on a 4x2 timber frame, with a breathable membrane for weed control laid underneath. Following the length of the garden, a long pathway was built to the far end, giving level and sturdy footing to the shed.

Railway Sleeper Planters

Whilst onsite, we also built and installed a new garden gate that has enough leeway to open onto the new decking and step. We made new raised planters with railway sleepers, providing the perfect plot for growing more beautiful flowers.

Pressure Treated Timber

In total we were on site for six days, laying 75m2 of decking, installing a gate and raised planters. We use pressure-treated timber and make everything to measure, to budget and with a fifteen-year guarantee!

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