Timber Fences

Close Board Fencing in Worlingham

This job in Worlingham involved removing old and worn panel fencing and replacing it with close board fencing held up by sturdy concrete posts.

Old Fence

The old fencing was rotten in places and no longer provided a secure barrier. It also had an uneven step-down appearance because it had been put together from panels on sloped ground.

New Fence

We levelled the ground throughout and put in place concrete gravel boards and posts. The 6ft by 8ft close board fencing bays were hand built in our workshop. The line of the replacement fence follows the ground level. We topped it off with large rails and caps. The project took a day and a half to complete.

15-Year Timber Guarantee

All the wood used on all of our projects is pressure treated. Treated wood lasts longer and is more resistant to parasites and fungi. That’s why we can guarantee it for 15 years. 

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