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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Shed in the UK?

Posted on 16/05/2024

a shed summerhouse in a garden during summer

Sheds, summerhouses and other single storey outbuildings are typically exempt from requiring planning permission in the UK. Provided you follow the rules put in place to make sure your outbuildings are not going to dominate the garden or affect the neighbours’ views, you can safely proceed without seeking planning permission from the Local Authority.

Planning Permission for Outbuildings

Sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses, garages, car ports, dog kennels, sauna cabins, pool houses, aviaries and many other structures are grouped together as ‘outbuildings’ for the sake of planning law. Planning permission isn’t typically needed for an outbuilding as long as it meets a number of requirements:

  • The outbuilding is single storey, with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of 4 metres. (Maximum overall height is reduced to 2.5 metres if the outbuilding is within two metres of the house’s boundary)
  • The total footprint of all outbuildings must not exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house.
  • No outbuildings are permitted to be built ‘forward of the principal elevation’ which is planning law speak for the front of the house!
  • Permission must be sought for outbuildings on listed properties or on designated lands - this one is relevant to some people in our service area as the Norfolk Broads are classed as designated land. Check the interactive map on the Defra website to see if your home falls within the boundaries.

See the full list of requirements for permitted developments for outbuildings on the government’s planning portal website.

At Norfolk Prestige Fencing, we know the rules. We can help you design the perfect compliant shed or summerhouse for your garden so that you can avoid the hassle of obtaining planning permission. Our team of experienced craftsmen hand build each shed to order, creating a unique and truly well made outbuilding. Get in touch for a free quote, call 01508 549082.

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