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Are Featheredge and Closeboard the Same Style of Fencing?

Posted on 28/03/2024

image of closeboard fencing

If you've been researching garden fencing options that offer style and privacy, you may have come across the terms "featheredge fencing" and "closeboard fencing". They both offer a classic wooden fence design of vertical boards. On behalf of the fencing industry, we're here to clear up any confusion.

The answer is simple: featheredge and closeboard fencing are indeed the same style. Both terms refer to a fence constructed from vertical wooden boards that overlap slightly, creating a neat and weatherproof barrier. The boards we use are high quality pressure-treated timber for added durability and are secured to horizontal rails to form panels that can be attached to fence posts.

So, why the two different names? We think this is down to regional variations in terminology. Like “pumps” and “plimsolls” or “baps” and “bread rolls”, it seems that "Featheredge" might be more commonly used in some areas, while "closeboard" is preferred in others. Here in Norfolk, the style is typically referred to as “closeboard” but we’ll know exactly what you mean if you ask about “featheredge” because, ultimately, they describe the same fencing style.

Benefits of Featheredge/Closeboard Fencing:

  • Strength and Durability. The overlapping design provides excellent strength and stability, making it a great choice for gardens that experience strong winds.
  • Privacy and Security. The close-fitting boards offer excellent privacy and security, perfect for creating a secluded outdoor space.
  • Traditional Style. This classic fencing style complements a variety of architectural styles, adding a timeless touch to your garden.
  • Low Maintenance. Pressure-treated timber requires minimal upkeep, we recommend applying a coat of wood stain every three to five years.

Norfolk Prestige Fencing offers a wide range of fencing options to suit your needs and style preferences. You don’t need to know the name of every style. We’ve given a reference code to images featured in our website galleries, so if you see something you like on our website you can tell us exactly which picture you are looking at.

Contact Norfolk Prestige Fencing today for a free consultation and discuss your fencing project.

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