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Bespoke Decking Installation in Caister

Posted on 11/04/2019
Caister Decking in Sunny Garden

When an area of your garden is a sun trap, you want to make the most of it. This home in the seaside town of Caister-on-Sea has a large, established garden, and the far corner was under utilising its position that receives full sun in the afternoon and evenings. Building a deck in this space enables the homeowners to enjoy the sunny spot, which also benefits from not being overlooked and is protected from the wind. 

After levelling flowerbeds and uneven patches of ground, a custom framework was built over a weed resistant covering and the different levels of paving. The strong foundations were designed to take care of the different surfaces of paving, edging and flowerbeds whilst the height allows rainwater to drain, preventing pooling which could damage the structure. 

Caister decking framework accounting for uneven ground

A simple step and side rails make the deck safe for all the family, and the planks of the deck cut perfectly to fit flush against the fence posts means that there is no gap that could be tripped on or small items lost in. The deck fitting flush against the fence means no fear of a mobile phone sliding underneath the decking!

Stained and sealed to match the closeboard fencing behind it, the decking provides a smart and enticing deck that’s perfect for relaxing on a summer evening. Large enough for a patio table and chairs as well as sun loungers, there’s more than enough space for the whole family to enjoy the sunny corner of the garden. 

Caister garden decking with railing

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Raised deck in Caister garden

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