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Security Fencing Installation for Leisure Centre

Posted on 14/06/2019
Security fencing and timber gate installed at Norwich spa and gym

For businesses and facilities that require areas kept secure at all times, high security fencing is one of the most cost efficient and practical options available. Whether keeping out intruders, protecting passers by from dangerous machinery, or marking a secure border, palisade fencing is a top choice. 

We recently installed a small perimeter of palisade fencing around a generator at a spa and gym facility in Norwich. Located in an area closed to the public but accessed by staff members, the generator needs to be kept free of obstructions, not tampered with or damaged to ensure the smooth operation of the facility. 

Bannatynes Palisade Security Fencing Norwich

The intimidating appearance of the ‘W’ design of the fence panels is difficult to grip, and the triple pointed heads act to prevent climbing. The gaps between the panels are too narrow to pass through without impairing visibility, allowing CCTV and patrols to easily see through the fence from a distance. Made from galvanised steel, palisade fencing is extremely strong and resistant to rust, making it a robust choice for long term security installations. 

For this particular installation, we also built two timber double pedestrian gates for staff access through to the service areas either side of the generator unit. The pressure treated timber gates connects the new steel palisade fencing and an existing painted wooden fence, matching the heights of the existing fence and making the area secure. 

We’re proud to be a reputable company, known for our professionalism and high standards of work. We’re a CHAS accredited contractor registered with SSIP and CSCS, and all works are fully insured . No matter how big or small your project is we can help, get in touch for a free site survey and quote call 07914 840995 or email

Timber pedestrian access gate at Norwich health club

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