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Famous Writers Who Wrote in their Sheds


Writing sheds evoke a romantic image, a room of one’s own at the bottom of the garden with views out across inspiring landscapes. Many famous writers have made their shed their sanctuary, a quiet place to think and write, away from distractions. Here are some of our favourite writers and their back garden escapes. 

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas’ “word splashed hut” was held up by stilts, perched on the cliff overlooking the Taf estuary in Laugharne, Wales. The incredible view inspired the poet’s lyrical verses, in classics such as ‘Over Sir John’s Hill’. The shed was recreated down to the last detail (including cigarette butts!) in 2014 and has been ‘on tour’ since, and is available to book! 

Roald Dahl 

Inspired by Thomas’ shed after seeing it on childhood holidays to Wales, Roald Dahl commissioned the building of a ‘Writing Hut’ in his garden in Buckinghamshire. The shed was built to the same dimensions as Thomas’, a modest 6x7ft. The friendly handyman with big ears who built the shed, Wally Saunders, inspired the character of the BFG! Visit the shed at The Roald Dahl Museum!

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf converted a wooden toolshed into a writing room, in the garden of her home in Sussex. The big windows gave a view of the Downs across to Mount Caburn, although the stunning views – as well as the noise of church bells, children playing and her dog – were said to be great distractions. After ten years of distractions, the shed was moved to the end of the garden where it was quieter!

Philip Pullman

Nominated for Shed of the Year 2017, Philip Pullman’s shed now belongs to children’s writer and illustrator Ted Dewan. The ramshackle hut in a garden in Oxfordshire was where Pullman wrote his seminal trilogy, His Dark Materials. The 8x12ft shed is made with salvaged windows and has an antique dentist chair for meditation! 

If you are inspired to put pen to paper but need a scenic retreat to escape to, we can build you a bespoke shed (or even a replica!) that will help you get your creativity flowing. 

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