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How Sheds Got Cool Again

Posted on 02/11/2017
These days sheds aren’t just sheds. Gone are the days when it was just a cold and ugly hut to house your lawnmower, old tins of paint and the kids’ bikes. These days sheds are cosy, inviting extensions of the home, used as offices, studios, libraries and personal pubs. We’ve found our favourite sheds and summerhouses on Pinterest to inspire your garden transformation!

The Mushroom Shed

This amazing structure won the 2017 Shed of the Year Award and was built by devoted Dad Ben Swarborough for his daughter who gave him £500 and asked for a house shaped like a mushroom. Ben got carried away and made this beautiful treehouse/shed/retreat complete with stained glass windows, trap doors, hammocks and river views!

The Minimal Shed

The shed for minimalists! This sleek shed is anything but basic and offers outdoor entertaining no matter what the weather. The all over colour keeps the different areas cohesive and blends in the different materials used. 

The Garden Studio

Maximising the amount of light coming in through the PVC roof and open frontage, this modern ‘floating’ shed is the perfect garden studio for an artist. Building a studio or workshop at the end of the garden is a practical and frugal way of having a workspace ‘away from home’ that caters exactly to your needs.

The Man Cave

This cosy backyard retreat is an oasis to unwind and chill out in, kit out with record player and a few good books – all its missing is a snoozing pooch to share the sofa with! The woodburning stove and a bed in the ‘attic’ means it can double as a lovely guest house for visitors too.

We build all of our sheds and summerhouses bespoke to order, so you can choose a design that suits you and not have to compromise with what’s in a catalogue. Contact us for a free quote and see what our master carpenters can build for you! Call 07914 840995 or email to arrange a convenient time. 

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