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Wind Proof Fencing - Protect Your Garden This Winter

Posted on 10/11/2017
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The winter months can take their toll on your garden: with unpredictable storms, frosts and lots of wet weather. And whilst many dream of a white Christmas, those of us with beloved gardens aren’t quite so eager for a layer of snow to bury our roses. Preparing your fences and protecting your garden now will save you from a miserable spring, here are our top tips for keeping your garden happy through the darkest season. 

The Best De-Fences

For strong fences you need strong posts with good foundations. Concrete posts are the best choice, timber posts can become misaligned in strong winds. However deep-set concrete foundations will make timber posts stronger and provide protection from rot. 

Fences that allow wind to pass through are better suited to windy areas and are less likely to buckle or blow over than solid fencing. Wire fences are ideal for extremely windy areas, but aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing option – disguise them with hardy hedging like hawthorn, holly, sweet briar and dog roses. 

Hit and Miss Fences

Hit and miss fences feature planks either vertically or horizontally laid on either side of the fence posts, which allows wind to pass through and reduces the strain on fence panels by around 15%. The overlapping timbers are strong, durable and hardwearing. These fences are modern and stylish, and because of the way they’re made they look great on both sides. 

Trellis Fences

A trellis fence will give excellent protection from windy conditions and even a fence panel with a trellis topper will reduce the strain caused by wind. Brace trellis topped fences with concrete posts for maximum protection. 

Show Your Fence Some Love

If you’ve recently had a new fence from us you don’t need to worry, but if you’ve had your fence more than a year then you may want to give it some TLC. As a general rule once rain water no longer beads up on the surface of a fence, it needs re-staining. Use an all in one product that will protect the wood from rain, sun and freezing. 

Check the bottoms of your fence, if the base is in contact with the ground it will absorb moisture from the soil and is more likely to rot. Tidy up flower beds and borders to give the bases room to breathe and clear away any excess soil. 

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