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Strength and Privacy: Steel Framed Timber Gates

Posted on 14/01/2022

Steel Clad Timber Gate Installation

We’ve been assembling and installing a lot of these steel framed timber infill gates recently. They combine the privacy of close board timber with the strength of steel and they look the part.

Traditional wooden gates can twist or sag as they age and may need to be rehung or even replaced every few years. These steel frames add longevity to a gate whilst still maintaining the look and privacy offered by traditional timber.

Steel framed gates are an increasingly popular option for domestic property owners. And we can install them in multiple ways to suit your home. As all our gates are built bespoke to your exact requirements, we can make them any size and shape you like, single or double leaf, or even concertina for larger driveway entrances.

Steel Clad Timber Gate

This style lends itself to automation as well, so you may not even have to leave your vehicle to open your stylish new timber infill steel framed gates.

For more information about the kinds of gates we can install for you, browse our gallery and get in touch if you see something you like. Call us on 01603 928494 or email us at

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