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Posted 54 week(s) ago

Three Fence Installation in Norton Subcourse

Fencing, Domestic Iron Railings around front garden

A recently completed project for a lovely country home in Norton Subcourse near Loddon saw us provide three types of fencing for the front and rear gardens. We advised the client on the right choice for each area based on their needs during their consultation, helping them choose an appropriate style that matched their need and budget. 

Around the front of the house we installed 30 metres of metal railings with decorative finials which replaced existing, original metal railings. We designed and installed a railing and finial which was in keeping with the property and surroundings, similar to the original design. 

Posts along side boundary

Along the side of the property 60 metres of 1.2-metre-high post and rail fencing was installed, with 1.2-metre-high dog proof mesh attached. There was previously no fencing along this boundary, which meant animals could escape (and trespass!) through the hedging. As there was no fencing along this stretch beforehand, we bored the fence post holes and set new foundations between the hedging and the roadway. 

Building the fence around the vegetable patch

The client also needed to keep their dogs and rabbits out of their vegetable patches, so we constructed another dog proof mesh fence around an area of the rear garden. The pressure-treated timber posts and strong mesh at 1.2 metres tall is enough to keep hungry pets and Peter Rabbit pests out of the carrots and cabbages without being obstructive or unattractive in the garden. 

Dog proof mesh fence around vegetable patch

We use pressure-treated timber and make everything to measure, providing exactly what is needed without compromise, to budget and with a fifteen-year timber guarantee. For homeowners or house builders, we provide all your garden construction needs. Get in touch for a free quote on 07947 366551 or email

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