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Top Tips for Choosing a Garden Theme

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Planning a garden makeover can feel like an intimidating task, with far too many decisions to contemplate. Choosing a theme should be one of the first choices and, once it’s made, everything else will fall into place. The style of your property should be a consideration, but don’t let it stifle your imagination – there’s no reason why a Victorian property can’t have a modern garden, or a new build have a formal design. 

Types of Themes

Themes can centre around a type of plant, such as a rose garden, around a country style, like a Japanese garden, or around a colour – all flowers are pink, blue or yellow. Themes can be as vague or specific as you like, a garden with a circular theme may not be immediately obvious but will be pleasing on the eye. You may wish to choose a theme that matches your property or the area you live in – wildflower gardens are popular for countryside cottages, but would be equally lovely in a city centre courtyard garden. The theme should be like a basic structure that underpins the garden and makes it feel cohesive. 

How to Choose Your Theme

As we’ve said before, the first question to ask yourself when planning a garden is: what do you want from your garden? And to choose a theme, think about what you love. If you love your summer holidays, try a beach theme with palms, hammocks and decking. If you love barbecuing and hosting parties, choose a herb garden theme – not only can you add the herbs to your cooking, fragrant plants repel bugs too! 

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