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What Style of Fence Would Suit my Property?

Fencing, Advice Iron railings look great for old and new properties

Choosing a fence that looks good and suits the period of your property is an important consideration for both our domestic and commercial customers. Fencing around a front garden is often one of the first impressions a guest has of your home and, for businesses too, giving the right impression is paramount. A fence of course is almost always a functional purchase, needed to separate gardens, keep out intruders, keep in pets or enclose a playground. Here at Norfolk Prestige Fencing, we have many years’ experience in helping our customers choose a design that satisfies both style and function without compromise. 

Period Properties

Choosing a style that complements your home’s architectural style usually means following the building style and enhancing its features. For example, picket fences and wrought iron railings suit most eras of homes, but especially Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. Rustic cottages and thatched houses tend to suit more natural shapes rather than straight rigid lines, suiting trellis, decorative and willow fences. But the easiest way to see if a style would suit your home is to look to others! In this country, and Norfolk especially, homes of a similar era are built next to each other. Look at the other Victorian terraces on your street, or the other flint cottages in your village – make a note of what you like and what you don’t. 

Simple iron railings are popular for new build homes

New Builds and Contemporary Homes

For minimalist, contemporary architectural styles, horizontal slatted fence panels look great in gardens and driveways. Choose more privacy with little to no gap between the planks or go bold with wide planks. Conversely, traditional wrought iron railings can look ultra-modern, especially when against a contrasting colour – such as white render house against a black rail. 

Many new build estates are built in the style of older homes, such as mock Tudor and Georgian styles, so you can choose to emphasise the old or the new with your fencing choice!

Picket fence for a new build home


Whether you’re installing a fence for privacy, to contain children or pets or for visual appeal, prioritise the need of your fencing over any aesthetic desires. No matter how pretty a short picket fence might be around your front garden, if your dog can jump over it or you live on a busy road and litter blows through – you’ll soon look at it in disdain. If you live by the coast or in a windy location, reduce your options to wind-proof fences like hit and miss, trellis and metal fencing. A blown over or broken fence doesn’t suit any property! 

Whatever style you’re after, we can help. All of our fencing is hand-built, bespoke for you so we can accommodate any requests. For a free, no obligation quote call 07947 366551 or email 

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