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Why We Don't Ask for a Deposit

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We’re committed to offering the highest standard of products, workmanship and customer service at a competitive price. Our five-step service pledge is a guarantee that we follow to ensure every fence, shed, patio or decking we build makes our customers happy. One of the steps of the pledge is that we don’t ask you for a deposit. You don’t pay a penny until all work is completed and the project has been inspected and signed off by one of our directors. 

A Question of Trust

We’ve all seen stories of cowboy builders in the papers and on tv and some of us may be unlucky enough to have experienced them first-hand. The lack of industry regulation means that unfortunately there will be always be dodgy individuals out to take your money and not deliver the services paid for. 

Trust is a two-way street, we understand that you put trust in us to improve your home and garden and in return we trust you to pay us fairly for our time and materials. By not asking for a deposit, we are eliminating your financial risk and proving our confidence in the quality of our work. 

Many of our projects come through customer referrals and that is something that makes us incredibly proud. Our work stands as a testament to our reputation and we are always delighted when a happy customer recommends us to their friends and family. 

Good Reputation

We provide honest quotes, work within deadlines, leave your home and garden tidy each day and aim to exceed expectations on every project. Our good reputation rests on the quality of our work and your experience of us, which is why we never sign off on a project until we know that you are 100% happy. We work all over Norfolk and Suffolk, and there is fierce competition from many other skilled tradesmen which is why we never rest on our laurels and always follow our customer commitment.

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