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Step-by-Step: Planning the Perfect Patio

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Adding a patio to your garden is a great way to make the most of the space you have, as well as adding value to your property. A well-planned patio will look good, be practical and enhance the feel of your garden. Here are our top tips for getting a perfect patio: 

A Patio for Dining

  • If you want an outdoor space for entertaining and eating, you’ll want to build the patio as close to your back door or kitchen as possible. Most patios are adjacent to the house but, if that’s not practical, keep it as close as you can. 
  • To get an idea of how big you should make your new patio, lay out furniture to make sure you’re allowing enough space. 
  • If you love having barbecues, think about including a dedicated space for your BBQ, or opting for a built-in grill. Have this area away from the patio table and furthest from the house to avoid smoke blowing in.
  • Which direction will your patio face? A south-facing area will get the most sunshine, but you don’t want to eat in the heat - create shade with parasols, tall plants or a pergola. 
  • Fragrant plants that deter insects and mosquitos, such as lemon grass, lavender and marigolds are great to plant around your patio. Herbs are the ultimate patio plants, they repel bugs, grow well in pots, and are handy for when you need some extra flavour in your summer salads! Mint, basil, rosemary, camomile and thyme have the best bug-repelling reputation, but most herbs will do the job! 

A Patio for Relaxation

  • If you’re after a space to chill out and unwind, choose a spot for your patio away from the house. If you have natural ‘landmarks’, such as a large tree, pond or water feature – turn these into greater focal points by building your patio nearby.
  • If your garden is overlooked or you have nosy neighbours create a secluded spot with a canopy: a large parasol or a pergola with climbing plants would work well. This also gives you shade in the summer months. 
  • Even if your garden is large and benefits from not being overlooked, you’ll still want to create some privacy or border your patio. Add height with tall shrubbery, a trellis to grow climbers or fencing. 
  • Create the right atmosphere with mood lighting. Solar powered fairy lights can be draped in hedging or hung above the patio for a modern look. Lanterns and candles give a soft, romantic light – and of course citronella will deter uninvited guests! 

A Patio for Parties

  • If you’re regularly hosting parties, how about built-in seating? A modern, stylish way to accommodate large groups, built-in seating can incorporate planters and maximise space. L-shaped, circular or square: we can build to your specifications.
  • Choose a location that creates ‘zones’ to your garden. A patio doesn’t have to be by a wall or edge, break up a large garden with different areas - use hedging and winding pathways to give depth.
  • Fire pits, chimeneas and patio heaters create an interesting focal point as well as keeping you warm in the evening. 
  • Bold plants with eye-catching foliage such as smoke bushes, Hostas, Elephant’s Ears and Cannas add drama, as well as being low maintenance and evergreen! 

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