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Gardening Advice for Winter

Posted on 13/11/2018

While the lawnmower can be stowed away in the shed and left to hibernate over winter, there are many other jobs and projects to keep you busy over the cold season. Follow our top tips for keeping your garden in peak condition throughout winter. 

Add Some Colour

Choose some evergreen and winter flowering plants for pops of colour, plant up some large pots to place near your front door and in eye-catching locations. Evergreens such as holly are a favourite for winter, but try also viburnums which are available in many colours and produce beautiful flowers throughout winter. There are many types of Mahonia plants, which produce beautiful yellow blooms in winter and grape like purple berries in summer. The February Daphne seen here, produces pretty pink flowers which are strongly scented and have bright berries. 

Winter Flowering Plants

Top left Mahonia, top right Daphne mezereum (February Daphne), bottom left Holly, bottom right Viburnum tinus. 

Container Care

When you add your colourful containers, be sure to prop them up on feet to prevent waterlogging. Check your other containers and potted plants to make sure they are raised up too and insulate or move pots and plants susceptible to frost. 

Let There Be Light

Whilst not strictly gardening advice, adding light to your garden will let you enjoy it more! A string of solar powered fairy lights in a shrub or tree looks festive and gives off a warm glow while lights along a path are practical! Adding motion sensor lights around your shed or summer house will help improve security as well as being practical for you when you need to venture out in the dark. Lights around decking areas, especially decks with steps improve safety on wet or icy days, LED lights can be built in to the design of the deck – see examples here and here

If your garden needs more than fairy lights and pretty pots to make it beautiful again, get in touch. Our team of experienced craftsmen make fences, decking, sheds and summerhouses to order to transform your garden into an oasis. Get in touch for a free survey and quote! Call 07947366551, email or fill in the form below! 

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